Statement by the Directors of ABS Façade

Yesterday one of our workers was killed in a tragic incident at The Curtin University building
site in Perth.

We are mourning his loss and our deepest sympathies go out to his family.
Another of our workers was seriously injured in the same incident and remains in a critical
condition in hospital.

We are doing all we can to support both families at this extremely difficult time.
Our focus is also on the well-being and safety of our workers, and how they may be affected
by this incident.

The site is closed and under the control of police and WorkSafe WA, who are investigating.
We are cooperating fully with the authorities.

We have arranged confidential counselling for our workforce in consideration of the
potentially adverse impact on their psychological well-being and their ability to continue to
work on high-risk activities in a safe and focussed manner.

In consultation with authorities, further information will be made available as it comes to

Media inquiries: Jane Seaborn 0414 829 282