Since 2008 ABS Façade have provided the commercial building industry with Australia’s highest standard of commercial cladding and glazing solutions. With six offices – nation-wide, we have the largest national reach of any cladding installation company in the Australia. Using our dedicated workforce of over 300 employees, we have the experience and capabilities to execute commercial cladding and glazing projects at any scale. This coupled with our vast, state of the art production facility, ensures we can deliver high quality projects in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.


ABS HQ based in Queanbeyan NSW, and is located around the corner to our extensive factory where we design and fabricate all components of our commercial façade and glazing portfolio. Covering a footprint of 12,000m2**** and employing over 100 people – our main production facility holds an abundant range of the latest technologies, allowing us to efficiently prefabricate vast amounts of cladding systems offsite – reducing our schedules and facilitating the most cost effective façade and glazing solutions. ABS HQ is also supported by our satellite production facilities in Perth & Brisbane which help service our WA and QLD operations.


Our position as a market leader in both cladding and glazing projects gives us the unique ability to provide builders with a turnkey building envelope service. Our all in one approach minimizes potential issues caused by managing the requirements of multiple contractors, and enables us to strategies, schedule and execute your full building envelope in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.